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Fast Global Money Transfer

Best money transfer company for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Romania, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, UAE, Canada, USA & worldwide

Established in 2016, Fast TRAVEL AND CARGO LTD is regulated by HMRC & FCA

Fast Global has a vision to become a regional market leader in money transfer business and the first choice of its intent customers and for those who wish to support less fortunate people around the world where money transfer is the only option to reach them.                                                     

Without any Bank account, receive money over the counter  was not easy for customers before!!!

But now it's possible through Fast Global that enables our customers to enjoy this service around the globe to receive their Money in minutes from authorized agents, next day from any of our partner Bank without any Bank account. We provide a fast, secure and smooth service through a wide range of our partner banks and authorized agents. Receivers just need a payment number and an identity, it is just that simple! We also deliver money to your loved ones in some countries.

Fast Global Online Transfer

New Offer! No need to carry cash anymore. Simply transfer into our account and send money wherever you desire!

It is easier than ever to transfer money through our new service. Just register with us with a valid Identification and proof of address. Once registered and all the requirements are fulfilled you can start sending money online without moving from your workplace or home.

Fast Global Bank Transfer

It empowers you to transfer your amounts within 3-4 hours through a real-time credit system (IBFT). Our state of the art network includes Money Transfer agreements with popular banks and highly reputed financial institutions that allows us to provide our customers an array of Money Transfer options and an unmatched value!

Meeting the Standards and Goals

Fast Global has following standards procedures and policies to ensure commitment for best services to beneficiaries at best standards.

• Operate in a safe and sound manner to maintain satisfactory regulatory ratings at all times.

• Make sure that all our staffs are trained to be aware of their obligations, in particular in terms of ensuring that our business is not abused by criminals for the purpose of financial crime.

• Grow in a controlled, organic manner that will ensure financial strength and profitability over a sustained period of time.

• Establish the operational framework necessary to implement, support and promote the targeted mix of products and services by developing the company’s organizational structure.

• Policies, procedures, and compliance programs; marketing, promotion, and image-building efforts; IT systems and product support automation.

• Listening to our clients, monitoring take up levels and drop out levels versus spreads on given currency pairs.

Provision of all possible security measures to safeguard client funds.

Our Compliance

We have provided highly sophisticated system to check each transaction complies with key legislation  and Money Laundering regulations  by keep track of KYC (Know Your Customer) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) that help our Agents  to verify  your client not involve in fraudster, money launderer, terrorist, deceased, or a Politically Exposed Person by checking a range of negative databases that meet global  compliance criteria that enable us to  to protect their Money Transfer, and provide customers with a safe, secure and  fast experience.

Global Partners

  • Western Union
  • Ria
  • Money Gram
  • Oster
  • Small World 
  • Pay Point

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